Old School 9x

→ There are so many Oldschool, Eternal formats already

We love Oldschool and all it's variants! But...
◦ 93/94 is solved (and brewing got expensive).
◦ Premodern is great but the card pool is too large (and complex).
◦ ALICE is great but it's a block constructed format (and slow).

9x aims to be extremely accessible for brewing, more like 93/94 and faster than ALICE.
9x is probably closer to what most of us used to play back in the day.

→ What are the decks

Let's find out together what's viable.
We suggest that maybe PT Dallas decks all the way to Worlds 1997 are a good place to start looking.
Or start with classic archtypes: Necro, Stasis, Weenies, Stompy, Slight.

→ Who is 'We'

The 'We' are the people who will show up, play, organize, have fun and help move this forward.
And first and foremost it's about having fun and being excellent to each other.

→ What's with the name

9x as in 90s (94 to 97) and X as in Generation X. Yes, I know. It's terrible.

→ Why is 5th Edition not included

5th edition adds very little to the card pool and adds new art which is suboptimal for webcam play, nostalgia, etc. You can still use any 5th Edition card as long as it has the older art (see the print rules).

→ How am I supposed to have fun without Power and Duals

People used to have a lot of fun playing more limited card pools back in the day.
You have allied colored pain lands, fetch lands and many other mana fixers.

→ I still don't want any part in this

You don't have to. There are many other formats out there and some will work for some people while others won't. It's fine!